Days 22, 23, 24 – Banana Wind – Saint Augustine, FL (M777) to Daytona Beach, FL to Cocoa Beach, FL(M897) – 11/12/13 – 11/14/13

We pulled out of Saint Augustine around 6:45 right behind Kokomo and headed south for Daytona Beach, FL in a caravan with them and a few other boats.

DSC01576 DSC01574

It was a pretty quiet ride down the ICW and we made good time getting to Daytona Beach (passed a lone crane along the way).


Our original plan was to spend one night in Daytona and keep moving as we hoped to get to Vero Beach by mid-week.  Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate and the forecast was calling for heavy winds so we knew we would be in Daytona for two nights.

We arrived at Loggerhead Marina in Daytona Beach.  We are staying at Loggerhead’s Vero Beach Marina for the winter season and they have a reciprocal agreement with the 12 other marina’s owned by the same company in Florida.  Meaning, we can stay at any Loggerhead for just the price of the electricity – $10…Yes!  Unlimited power, access to laundry for two whole days…what more can this sailor girl as for.

We got into Daytona by early afternoon, cleaned up the boat inside and out and got a bunch of work done.    I took advantage of the laundry access and did 6 loads over the two days we were there…I have no idea how that is even possible…I didn’t think we had that many clothing items on board, but we managed it.

While we’ve been away, Craig’s sister Kim and her husband Mike have been taking great care of our dog Benjamin.  We got the following pictures from them…Ben is having a great time playing with his cousin’s while we are away (he’s the golden in the middle).  I don’t think he will want to come home.

Ben pix Ben pix 2

We had dinner the first night at Calico Jack’s which is right at the marina.    Great fish and a fun atmosphere with live music.   After dinner we went back to the boat and buttoned down the hatches in preparation of the storm that was coming.  The storm rolled in before midnight and the winds howled all night.  We were on a T dock that was not at all protected and took a pounding from the ICW.  Not an ideal spot to be in a storm, but we were fendered up very well and weathered it just fine.  The winds continued all through the 13th and finally died down sometime in the middle of that night.


 On our second night in Daytona, Craig’s brother Walt and his wife Daphne drove over to meet us for dinner from the Orlando area where they live.  We had a ton of fun catching up with them over dinner at Ronin’s – awesome sushi place on International Speedway!  Unfortunately, we neglected to get any pix so we stole this cute one from their FB page…-:).

Walt and Daphne

The next morning we got up and pulled out of Daytona Beach around 7:30 and headed to Cocoa Beach.  We passed right through the front of weather that had caused all the winds…it was pretty cool looking.

DSC01579 DSC01583 DSC01584

We had another easy cruise down the ICW to Cocoa Beach.  We passed an island of pelicans and saw a rainbow and then a double rainbow and arrived in our anchorage around 4:30.


We anchored at M 897.5.  It was a fairly quiet spot (although right off the ICW) with lots of other boats there for the night.  We made a nice salad for dinner, caught up on some blog posts and enjoyed the warmer weather (finally!) and our last night “on the hook” on this journey.

All told over the last 3 days we traveled 120 NM.  54 more miles to go to Vero Beach tomorrow.  Yeah!!


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